About Us

“Belief in oneself is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture".

Sri Sakthi Lab Solutions is a leading firm dealing with Lab Furniture, Lab Equipments and School Furniture. Sri Sakthi Lab Solutions was established on 31/10/2014 with an ambition to provide quality products at competitive rates. We have come into the field full of ambition and bubbling energy.

With the abundant experience of Shri D.Shanmugam (about 30 years) and Shri S.Ramu (about 35 years) in the field, Sri Sakthi Lab Solutions certainly would make an impact in the field through its quality products and excellent service.

We deal with high quality Lab furniture and school furniture meeting the changing trends and demands of the modern world. We update ourselves with latest designs and innovations in the furniture world and equip ourselves to upgrade our collection.

We also supply State-of-the-art Lab Equipments to schools and other labs. Our products are of high standards and supreme quality.

Having understood the fact that one can excel in business only through uncompromising quality and excellence, we deal with products are vey high standards. Therefore, we are extremely confident that our superior products would last for years and fetch us goodwill and everlasting business association with you.