Our Services

Our product play an important role in the field of Petroleum products, Pharmaceuticals, Automobile Industries, R&D, QA, QC, Educational Institutes, Research Institutes, Clinical Trials, Storages, Measurements, Calibration… etc…

We have committed to provide an excellent customer service through our experienced marketing and service field forces. We never compromise on quality which sustains us to stand in the market. Customer satisfaction with quality product is our motto. No doubt a quality product always leads to obtain valuable orders from our customers like you.

Our products use the latest available technologies. Our refrigerated products are CFC free & are PUF insulated. The electronics used is the best in the industry.

After-sales service is handled directly from the factory by personnel trained to ensure complete customer satisfaction, whatever be the cost.

Our excellent service after sales is the biggest plus point in getting our instruments by the customers.

We deliver at committed time at your doors while our prices are reasonably fixed in order to make our instruments available at affordable cost in the areas where it is needed.

Of course, a trial order will definitely prove the above facts for the mutual interest. Looking forward to have an early opportunity to serve you...